Eva McNeal was taken from her home and held captive by her bitter enemy, Ramsey McKenzie, for a year, until he decided to give her to a monster in marriage. Now she is forced to live in utter despair and loneliness with her evil husband as her companion. Eva still holds on to a glimmer of hope that someday her mate will come for her, but that glimmer grows dimmer with each passing day.

Darren MacKinnon had felt the presence of his mate but once and then she was gone. He searched for two years for her and now that he has the information he needs to rescue her he may lack the power. He fears that in awakening her tiger that he will destroy the future he hungers for, but without her awakening they will face only death with no hope for escape.

The couple must escape the torment of Eva's husband and reach the safety of friends, but who is friend and who is foe and are the legends true of the Fair Folk who once walked among them?

Forged in the darkness of time by dragon's fire and blood, these men were sworn to protect the weak, both shifter and human alike. Oaths sworn to the first queen of their people and upheld until the end of all days.

River leads this band of misfits, now ruled by the corrupt Council that destroyed their beloved queen, they must do the will of those that they despise. Forced to be nothing more than hired thugs for those who seek their destruction.
River must find a way to break his ties with the Council before his magistrates lose their souls to the darkness, but he will not ask them to break their oaths. He cannot.
When he is given a choice, betray his brothers and save his one true mate or sacrifice everything for a chance to save his brother from madness, he is torn in two.
How can he live with either choice?
It isn't until he gets help from an unknown benefactor that his choice becomes clear.

Euan MacTern has fought an all encompassing darkness for fifteen years. He had no understanding of why it tormented his soul with its evil, but he fought it hoping to find a way to escape it. 
The laughter of a silver haired beauty gave him the first glimpse of freedom, but when he wanted to claim her the darkness fought him. 
Now he must fight a war inside his own mind to claim his mate before the darkness forces him to kill her.
Can he find a way to free his soul from, the overwhelming darkness and realize the future that has been promised to him or will the darkness win and take the one thing that is more precious than his soul, his mate?

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Deidra Farist has a simple life. She goes to work and sleeps. She hasn’t wanted anything else in a while, but her friend Kit has other ideas. After Kit wins a two week vacation to an exclusive lodge near Denali National Park Deidra finds herself in an airplane and terrified. Little did she know that her life was about to change forever. 
Dex Allen was eager to be back in his favorite place in the world, Denali. He was cranky and cramped in the tin can these people called a plane and he felt something wild rising inside him. Things were about to get hairy until he felt his body drawn to a mousy little thing sitting in the row behind him. He had to have her. 
Dex had a plan. He would seduce her and get her out of his system before he went to the lodge, the only problem was she was going too. 
As things heat up between them Dex struggles with the fact that he wants Deidra to know his secrets, but he fears her reaction. Will she accept him, all of him or will she run away screaming? 
As the equinox nears he finds that his control is weaker than he had thought and Deidra is confronted with a very hairy problem. Can she love Dex, no matter what? Her answer will not only change his life, but it will alter her very existence. Will she choose to run or to love her Alaska man, no matter what?

For eighteen years Liam McNeal had believed that his mate was dead. It wasn’t until rumors surfaced of two tigresses being held that he began to hope again. Liam is led to the doorstep of an old friend to find that Cara was alive. She was to be married however to a monster who had been her enemy since before her birth. Now Liam must convince Cara that he was her true mate while attempting to save her from the wrath of the wolves who seek to destroy her.

   Lily Torino wants to escape her perfect life after the reality of it shatters.  The divorce left her disillusioned and in need of a nice long break from reality, or what she thought of as reality.  She packed her bags and flew to the last place on earth anyone would look for her, Alaska.  Only she didn’t expect her plane to crash and land her in the care of a man that was so sexy even a woman in a coma would wake up and shave her legs.  There was something different about this one though…maybe it was just something about Alaska that made the men grow so hunky and sweet.  She didn’t know and she wasn’t sure she could care for very long.  But why was a man like this living alone in the Alaskan wilderness?  What secrets kept him living in seclusion and would they change how she felt about him?
Jax Allen lived in the wilderness and he liked it.  He didn’t care if the woman who claimed to be his mate paraded around with other men…he told himself…she was his mate.  Even saying it felt wrong as he walked through the thick snow.  He looked up just in time to see a plane streak from the sky.  When he pulled the copper haired angel from the wreckage he knew he had be kidding himself.  Feelings crashed over him like nothing he had ever felt and then there was fear.  He had fought his whole life for acceptance in a world that was so divided.  Would this woman see past his blood to the man he was inside and if she did could he protect her from the one who would demand her head? 
Would they survive together in a world that wanted to pull them apart?  Could love stand strong against dark magic and strange creatures, even if the creature lurked in his own blood?  Could a woman so frail stand beside him even if they must stand alone?

Amanda Anderson

Laird Henry Stuart must convince the feisty Lady Amelia Talbot that she is his mate before it is too late. To complicate matters further she happens to be the most sought after young lady of London's season. He must force his way through her many suitors in order to protect her from the animals seeking to destroy her. Unfortunately he is also an animal and has awakened the tiger with in Amelia. As their passions swell so does the danger she faces. Will they prevail against their adversities in order to save their people?

Book One