Life, Love, and Second Chances

The Feud between the Johnsons and the Emersons had been going on for over seventy-five years, so how would it ever end?
When two young lovers discover passion in the dark of the night, they decide to keep their identities a secret, somehow fearing that it would ruin what they were finding with each other. The thrill of loving a stranger only made their passion burn hotter, until one is sent away to school with no way of telling the other.
The distance and powerlessness almost broke Ginger Johnson, but the memories of that faithful night in the arms of her mystery lover kept her working hard to return home and regain what she had lost. She didn't know who he was and didn't care. She had felt more alive in those few stolen hours than she had ever felt in her life and she vowed to feel that way again.
Carl Emerson's life had been a dreary place. He'd been forced to marry a woman he couldn't love, but he couldn't get the memory of that long ago night out of his head. It pulled him back again and again to the pond where he had loved an angel and lost her in the same night. His empty heart yearned for her until one day as if by magic she appeared again. 
Now they must fight against all odds to reclaim the love that they lost years before. Those they thought would stand in their way are happy to step aside, while those who should support them threatened their very existence. 
Can love overcome years of hatred and senseless fighting? Will the secrets that are forced into the light destroy them all? Or can two young lovers end the bitterness of two families and bind them together forever?

Redemption of a Soiled Dove

Amanda Anderson

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Amanda Anderson

Too Much Trouble

Meredith Richardson had struggled her whole life. First with the fact that she had no father, then with her teenage pregnancy and marriage, later she struggled with her husband’s illness and death. Her life seemed to be one trial after another and all she could do was survive and attempt to give her young daughter a stable life. Then as if out of the blue she was confronted by a determined force that would wrench her out of her self-imposed solitude and back into the world of the living. Jackson St. John was a man of ambition. He had built his fortune with a will of iron, but he was driven by a past he could not escape. With all that he had accomplished he still lacked what he wanted most, a family. When he walked into C.R. Distribution furious over an invoice dispute he was not expecting to come face to face with a pair of sad hazel eyes that would change his life. Now Jackson must fight to have her when she wanted nothing more than to be left alone. He must convince her that life was worth the pain of living. When tragedy and circumstances threatened to tear them apart they must learn to trust in the love they had found to overcome the hurdles life placed in their path or let go and live in misery apart.

One Good Cowboy

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Rileigh Livingston wants a normal life and a loving family.  The problem is she is famous and her family has turned their backs on her.  In her attempt to recover from an auto accident, which cost her the child she hungered for and the parents that she adored, she moves to a remote town in North West Georgia.  She’s made up her mind to find a normal life, or at least her version of it.  She would make her little farm a haven and she would fill it with love.
The only thing missing was a man to share it with.  She thinks at first that she can go it alone, but as she struggles with the responsibilities of her farm, she realizes that she needs someone to share it with.
When Dr. Duncan Armstrong comes to rescue in order to save her from a particularly embarrassing predicament, she decides that he will be perfect.  The only problem is, can she convince him?"
Dr. Duncan Armstrong is awestruck by the dark haired angel standing in the barn holding a container of horse sperm.  He has agreed to help her with her problem, but he finds himself wanting more from her.  The only problem is... She’s famous.  Why would a famous singer want to tie herself to a small town vet with a dark past? 
Will they be able to face the future and overcome the pasts they both would rather forget?  Will her past keep her from allowing him in?  Will his past come back to kill them both?


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In Love With the Wrong Cowboy

Taming a Montana Maverick